4 Aspects of Design that should never be ignored

4 Aspects of Design that should never be ignored

Do you know why five star hotels rarely make losses? The answer is simple, it’s all about Visual appeal. They invest so much into design such that one a person enters into the hotel’s premises, they immediately get the impression that makes them think that they are in heaven.

In our world, there is a fact that will always remain true and valid, appearances matter, a lot! Companies and brand that have invested in design have always outshone those that do shady and crappy work. Design should be pixel perfect, appealing and incredibly minimalistic if it is going to be outstanding.

And how do you design something outstanding? The answer lies in paying attention to these five design aspects.

  1. Shapes

The reason why shapes are so important is that they help add interest in design. They assist in making emphasis and they are great at grabbing attention which qualifies them as extremely important.

  1. Colours

Colours are known to be communicators. They speak a message. Do you think that it’s a coincidence that the most profitable banks in the World including Barclays, Standard and even the World Bank use the colour blue? They use it because blue is a colour of trust and is known to enhance trust in the customer and this is why they use it.

  1. Space

Space is normally used for visibility especially when written text is included in the design. In buildings, space is vitally important because you wouldn’t want anyone to feel cluster phobic when they are in your shop. Great designers use such knowledge in coming up with their design concept and this is exactly what we do at CWB Design Shoplifting.

  1. Typography

There are many different types of fonts and typography that can be used in Design. Font is vitally important especially in making signage, brochures and flyers for your company. An aspect that great designers should consider.

There are many more aspects to design that should be looked at and as CWB Design Shoplifting, we consider all these design aspects in coming up with great designs that communicate a message.

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